2014: Jackson County Brevet’s Final Year

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If you know anything about the Jackson County Brevet, it’s probably that my bride Kelly was my inspiration and motivation to creating the event 5 years ago.  Now, for the same reason, I must announce that our 2014 event will be the final year of the Jackson County Brevet.  With the continual deterioration of my bride’s health, she is my #1 priority and therefore more of my time, energy and focus changes to taking care of her as best I can.  Though the Brevet has created many positive outcomes, as a husband, my first priority will always be my bride.

JB1_7265 copyFrom the very start, you have supported our event in ways me nor anyone else could have ever imagined.  From over 600 riders in our 1st year, to growing to over 1,200 in our 3rd year, this would have never happened without your support, our incredible volunteers and very generous sponsors.  You helped us raise $225,000 in 4 years to help make a difference in an outdated treatment for Aplastic Anemia.  To each and every one of you, there are no words to express my incredible gratitude for rallying behind a humble little bike ride in Braselton, GA.
If you have registered for our June 14th ride this year, I thank you.  If you are undecided or chose not to participate this year, I hope you re-consider and join us for one last final ride through the fantastic roads of Jackson County.  Having the privilege of George Hincapie attending our ride, makes it all the more special for our final ride.
We were limited to just 500 parking spots this year, and I hope you help us fill every one of them on June 14th.
From the bottom of my heart,
Robert Wilhite, Founder
Jackson County Brevet

3 responses to “2014: Jackson County Brevet’s Final Year

  1. Robert, my heart and thoughts are with you and Kelly. You are an inspiration and proof of the immense difference one dedicated person can make in this world.

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