It’s Not About SPEED: The Lost Art of Group Riding

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Here’s the first public peek at my first (and many to follow) cycling eBook, which focuses on group rides.  I spotlight every dynamic that is present in every group ride, whether cyclists are aware of them or not.   I take it a major step further by embedding video throughout the eBook, so you can actually ”see’  what is currently happening in group rides and then show you how it ‘should’ look, when certain dynamics are executed correctly.

I doubt very seriously that my experiences in group rides are isolated and I can just about guarantee that as you read them, you’ll be nodding your head in agreement, thinking something like…“yeh, I see that all the time.”  You’ll learn from my 165,000 miles on a bike; it’s not theory…this is real-life stuff.

The remainder of the eBook focuses on how to efficiently and safely execute group ride dynamics in such a way that a group of cyclists will begin to actually function together as an organized group instead of a bunch of individual cyclists riding their own ride….and happen to be around other cyclists.  You know what I mean…

Apple is the only platform out there (for right now) that supports embedded video in eBooks, so you will need an Apple product (computer, iPad, iPhone, etc) to be able to purchase the eBook.  Since there are more iPads out there than any other tablet, then there’s a great chance that you are among those who have one.

This is the first among countless eBooks, with those following will be much shorter than the 63 pages in It’s Not About SPEED:  The Lost Art of Group Riding has.  Some topics will be climbing, descending, bike handling skills that you probably have never even heard or thought of before.  For those who want to go really fast, especially on descents, I’ll spotlight some counter-balance tricks that I learned racing motorcycles at speeds of 200 mph, that will have to blasting past your buddies like they are sitting still.  If you just bought your 1st pair of clipless pedals, then NO NEED TO WORRY, as I’ll have one eBook that will show you insights that you won’t learn anywhere else that will keep you from ever falling.

Are you afraid or a bit timid of going fast on descents?  Yep, that counts for a big majority of cyclists right there.  I unveil incredible, common sense tips that no one else teaches that will forever change your perspective on going fast downhill…with confidence.  No, this component is not reserved just for those who want to race competitively, it’s for every cyclist who has ANY hesitation.

How do you purchase your copy?  As soon as Apple approves my content (a few days from now), I’ll blast it everywhere using social media that the eBook is available to the public and a link to purchase.  The eBook will be $19.99 and contain 63 pages, packed with all you need to know about how to participate in a group ride.  You won’t find any other single resource for group riding, that is as in-depth and comprehensive as It’s Not About SPEED:  The Lost Art of Group Riding.

Before I forget, what do you think about the cover?  Love to hear your feedback…

See ya on the road,

Coach Robert




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