TOTALLY Different Way To Ride…

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If you were not aware, I have been writing cycling articles for Southern Bicycle League’s magazine since 2008.  Now that the magazine is online only, all you need is an internet connection to keep up with all things cycling through my Coaching Corner articles.  Have a topic that you would like to get more information on?  No problem.  Just send me an email to and then keep up with the monthly magazine.

This month’s topic is one that will probably completely change how you think about riding your bike…or at least that is the goal.  Read it and then let me know what you think.  As good timing, I just rode in a local weekly group ride where I pulled the majority of the 24 mile ride.   At the end of the ride, one guy rode up next to me and asked if I was using a power meter to ride, since (in his words) I was riding very smooth without surging for the entire ride.  When I told him I was not, he responded by saying he guessed I had been riding like this for so long that I didn’t need one.  Bottom line, if (or when) you begin to pay very close attention to the level of effort you are exerting in your pedal stroke, you too will begin to become super smooth when riding…and my guess is that you will have more cyclists wanting to ride behind your wheel than most others in a group.

See ya on the road,

Coach Robert


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