UPDATE: Tina Waddell Fundraise/Awareness Ride, Aug 5th


Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 9.15.02 AM

As you can imagine, with such short time from this morning until this coming Tues 5th, pulling together details for a fundraiser/awareness ride is a moving target.  As more details are confirmed, they will be posted here.

Corporate Matching Donations–
This event got the media attention and with a CBS46 tv interview today, it should gain more ground.  One such area is corporate sponsors who would be willing to match donations, up to a certain level.  If your company or if you know of a company who is interested, please have them contact me at (770) 634-4451.

How To Donate to the ‘Take Back the Trail for Tina’ FUND
If you want to make a donation on behalf of Tina, the money being raised is to help increase a Reward that would lead to the capture of her attacker, as well as help to offset the medical bills that will soon follow.  Just contact any Suntrust Bank and tell them you want to make a donation to the Take Back the Trail for Tina FUND; it’s that easy.


How To Participate in the Aug 5th Silver Comet Trail Ride
If you want to join us for this ride, you are welcome to join us at any point along the SCT.  As of now, there are 2 organized options to choose from.

1.  0.00 Mile Marker:  If you want to join me and 104.7 The Fish Morning Host Kevin Avery, we will be departing the Publix shopping center approximately 6:00am, Tuesday August 5th…or as soon as there is light.  We will be riding the entire Trail which is 60 miles  out/back.  If you want to start with us but cannot ride the entire distance, PLEASE make sure you have a riding partner (especially for you ladies) to ride back with you.  Anticipating an 8-hr finish time.

2.  14.6 Mile Marker:  A 2nd option to join us is at the Red Caboose, 400 Seaboard Ave, Hiram, GA 30143.  If you ride to the end, that will be approximately 96 miles.  Again, if any ladies need to turn around, please make sure you have a riding partner to get back to your vehicles safely.

3.  6pm Ride:  A potential 6:00 PM memorial ride is being discussed but as of this post, that has not been confirmed.  IF that does come to fruition, I’ll certainly post as soon as it confirms.

Outback Bikes has ‘jumped onboard’ to help with supporting those who ride.  Logistics are being formulated as we speak of how thisScreen Shot 2013-11-13 at 10.33.43 AM component will play out.  However, please participate in the ride with a more ‘self-supported’ type perspective, as there will be few opportunities to stop for food, etc.  With a very short window of time to plan, we will do our best to help riders in any way possible.

Thank You for helping spread the word, donating to the FUND and/or having the chance to ride with us.

See ya on the road,

Coach Robert






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