Atlanta Winter Bike League: Season 2…



Even though it’s still in the 90’s now, that will soon turn into cooler days and nights.  Don’t be like too many cyclists and just hang up your bike for the winter.  Now, you have a reason to ride and it’s called the Atlanta Winter Bike League.

If you’re tired of showing up to group rides that advertise ‘winter pace’, only to realize that means a couple of mph slower than the summer speeds, then consider the Atlanta Winter Bike League, where we actually ride a ‘true’ winter pace.  Come see what over 150+ cyclists experienced for our 1st ever 2013/2014 season.  We have 3 groups (based on speed) and we have REAL Ride Leaders for each group.  Don’t know how to ride a double pace line or you are a bit timid doing so?  No problem.  We help you get real life experience in an environment that allows anyone to learn, enhance and hone their group riding skills for the upcoming riding season.  FREE cycling instruction will be available at every ride from’s owner, ‘Coach’ Robert Wilhite, along with his Ride Leaders.


Like our 1st season, this 2nd one will consist of 10 rides, with each one based on time.  Our 1st ‘ride time’ will be 1:45 min and we’ll add 20 minutes to each additional ride.  The route will be the same, leaving from the Loft area on Peters Street (the same starting point for the popular ‘Airport Ride’).  The route will be an out/back for the majority of the rides so you can’t get lost.  The terrain is almost pancake flat, which is a perfect environment to riding a consistent winter pace.

Different from last season is this season the Series is FREE.  That’s because we will not have a SAG vehicle for every ride.  A SAG vehicle may be available for our last few rides (just because of the long ride times) and we would ask for a ‘donation’ to pay for the driver’s time/gas for helping.                                                                           DCIM100GOPRO

Here’s the dates to mark on your calendar:
MARCH:  14TH, 28TH

If you have an interest of being on our our Ride Leaders, you will need to send an email to Coach Robert at and type “RIDE LEADER” in the subject line.

Here’s to another great season of riding in a very organized, controlled, safe environment where nobody gets dropped…



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