Police Officer Kills Cyclist: No Charges. No Jail Time. REALLY???

When I read stories like this, it fuels the fire inside me of the countless cyclists who are hit and injured and/or either killed, and the motorists almost NEVER receive anything as much as a fine, jail time.  Nothing.  This incident in California was investigated and clearly showed the officer was at fault but he gets to continue living his life how he chooses while the family of Milton Olin has to deal the tragic death of their family member…and no justice at all.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.50.51 PMI hope you read the story (Click Here) and then you click on the Petition and sign it.  Garbage like this HAS to change…and it takes a ton of individuals like you and me to collectively make a difference.  Please don’t hesitate, as this could easily happen right here in Georgia.




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