–CANCELLED– Beginner/Intermediate (northern) GAPS Ride, Sept 14th

Due to too high of rain chance, the ride tomorrow is cancelled.  Hopefully, we can reschedule before the cold sets in.  As always, stay connected here for any future rides, etc.  THANKS!!!!

Here is the Facebook Event Link so you can invite others

Hammerheads are very welcome; just know the focus will be on majority of other cyclists.

IMG_1261This will be the 2nd organized GAPS ride in N GA for those ‘GAP virgins’ as well as for those who may have done those epic climbs but just didn’t feel comfortable either with their climbing…or even moreso…with descending.  With several big climbing organized rides about to show up on our calendars, like the 6GAP/3GAP, Hincapie Gran Fondo, Gran Fondo Italia just to mention just a few,  it’s that time again for another trip north.

Here’s your chance to get some great climbing and descending tips throughout the day.  It’s just another opportunity for me to give back to the sport that I passionately love and blessed to do as a living.

We will gather in Helen, GA in the parking lot at the corner of Chattahoochee Strasse & Edelweiss Strasse (Map Link).  The cost to park is $3.00 so bring exact cash.  Ride start time will be 8:00am, so arrive early enough to get yourself and your bike ready to ride by 7:50am.  There will be a Ride Meeting at 7:50am sharp; we roll promptly at 8:00am.

ROUTE INFO—   (Higher Degree of Difficulty)
The route is approximately 45 miles and will start with Hogpen GAP, Craig’s GAP, Jack’s GAP and ending with Unicoi GAP…and finally back into Helen.  This route is far more challenging than the southern GAPS ride we did last month.  Few things to consider for those who struggled a bit on that ride and want to do this one:
1.  consider changing your cassette so that you have more ‘easier’ gears (e.g.  12-28)  (easiest change to make)
2.  consider changing to  compact chainrings (50/34) vs. the standard 53/39

NOTE:  The length of climbs are no longer than the southern GAP route but the gradient kicks way up on Hogpen GAP to 15-17% and can go as long as a couple of miles.  In other words, Hogpen GAP (7 miles) is like climbing Wolfpen GAP (2 miles) with sections of 15-17% gradient.  Not to scare you but to make sure you are VERY aware of what to expect and the difficulty.  Bottom line, be prepared…..

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 3.24.25 PM

Part of the intimidation factor for those new to the GAPS, is feeling like they have to keep up with the group and therefore tend to ‘blow up’ early and have little in the legs to finish off the ride.  NOT this ride.  NO pressure to keep up with anyone, except with yourself.

SUPPORT VEHICLE—We will have a SAG vehicle that will allow you to put any extra bottles and/or food that you may want to access during the ride. We will have some First-Aid items, bike tools.  Missy, who drove the SAG truck on last month’s ride will be back for this ride.  Yea!!!

We wil have re-group points at the top of every climb and at the bottom of every descent.  Though you may not have a riding partner beside you for every pedal stroke, you WILL have re-group points to allow you to re-connect with everyone.  Unlike typical group ride re-group points, if you happen to be the last one to re-join, we won’t take off as soon as you roll up; that’s just not cool.

NOTE:  To help compensate our support vehicle driver’s time and to help offset the gas, we are asking that you make a donation ‘to the pot’.  This is not mandatory but highly encouraged.  You wouldn’t want to be that cyclist who didn’t drop a donation but end up having to use the support vehicle.  

Appetites are sure to be on the rise after a great day in the saddle.  The official gathering spot will be Village Tavern Pizza, 7275 S Main St, Helen, GA 30545

Hope you will join us for a fantastic day of climbing, descending, epic views and just hanging out with a bunch of other cyclists in N. GA on the 14th.

See ya on the road,

Coach Robert…


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