2nd Annual Atlanta Winter Bike League: Nov 22nd



2nd Annual…Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 6.04.10 PM

DATE:  Saturday, November 22nd, 2014
START TIME:  9:30AM   (Ride Mtg 9:20am)
PLACE:  253 Peters St, Atlanta, GA 30317  (Map Link)
RIDE TIME:  1hr 40min

IMPORTANT:  Which group do you ride in?  All Groups are based on what your typical overall average speed is on any given ride in Atlanta:

~  Group #1:  17 mph avg and higher
~  Group #2:  14 mph avg and higher
~  Group #3:  13 mph avg and below

All Rides will be based on Ride Time…NOT distance.  Actual miles ridden for each group will vary.


We are fast approaching the winter season and that means the Atlanta WBL kicks into gear (pun intended).   If you were not one of the 150+ cyclists who experienced this very unique Series last year, then you need to come find out what attracted so many cyclists in its inaugural year.

The first ride for this year is set for Saturday, November 22nd and then there will be rides every other Saturday through March 2015 (see Schedule).  This way, you can participate in the Series and still ride in other group rides, club rides, etc…best of both worlds.   We have 3 groups, so we can accommodate just about any cyclist.  All rides are based on time, so everyone leaves together and gets back at the same time.

Unlike our 1st year, this season the Series is free.  The only time there ‘may‘ be a fee is if we provide a SAG vehicle…which would only be the last 3 rides, since they are 4hr+ rides.

NOTE:  This is a very organized and structured Series, so please make sure you read THE RULES before showing up.  

VERY excited about our 2nd season.  See you on November 22nd….

Coach Robert…..


12 responses to “2nd Annual Atlanta Winter Bike League: Nov 22nd

    • Hey Ay,
      the RavX WindX gloves I spotlighted work fantastic. I have worn them in 20’s and don’t have any issues w/cold hands or (more importantly) fingers. I also don’t use any glove liners…like I use to use.

      Head Gear–
      Great topic. I’ll do a Robert’s Pick on this too but suffice to say I use Craft’s Windstopper material on my balaclava and basic head cover. Watch for this Blog post in the next few days.

      I’m assuming you are talking about winter jerseys? Since I wear the Craft Windstopper base layer, I’ve had no need for winter (or fleece-lined) jerseys. That said, I JUST literally bought 2 long sleeve fleece-lined jerseys and I am going to combine those w/wearing Hincapie Wool base layer and see how that combination works in 40 degrees. I am trying this combo b/c the Craft Windstopper is just a bit ‘too’ much (for me) in the low 40’s…as I tend to sweat just a little. Again, I use to have NO tolerance for cold temps but I just couldn’t accept hanging up my bike for the winter and then pulling it back out in March/April….or be forced to ride the trainer 100% during that same time.

      Base layers–
      As I just mentioned above, I bought 2 Hincapie ‘wool’ base layers to try. I used them already (with summer jersey) when it was mid 40’s with lots of wind. Wow, I didn’t realize switching material from a blend to wool would be that good. This combo gets me thru from 42’ish to 53’ish degrees. This is why I am thinking the fleece jersey w/either the blend base layer or wool base layer will work for the 37’ish – 42’ish degree range.

      Thanks again for your comments/questions. Keep ’em coming, as they may end up being the next big Blog Post topic.

    • Robin,
      I included the Rules in my Blog post, so just scroll down towards the bottom of the post. Route? We go straight south on Peters Street towards Palmetto, but just not that far. There are no turns; it’s literally an out/back ride.

      Looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Thanks for sharing with your cycling friends, too!!!!!!

      • If we r looking for 3 hours will we be safe to do the loop twice…the second time by ourselves?

      • I would actually keep going and just turn back at a later point. It’s literally no turns- and out/back route. As long as you are not riding y yourself, I would say go for it.

  1. I am new to this group and a beginner! Super excited to get my gear together! My husband is a cyclist and I have not used my bike he bought me yrs ago! Ready for this training!

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