REVIEW: Atlanta Winter Bike League (WBL) Ride #1

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WOW, did our 2nd annual Atlanta Winter Bike League get started in a BIG way!!!  No only was the weather great (a heat wave compared to last weekend’s 17 degrees) with 40 degrees, but also almost 70 cyclists showed up for our 1st ride of the Series.  It was great to see some familiar faces, some great friends and lots of new faces, too.

ToddHWe even had a cycling celebrity among us, as Todd Henriksen, (former pro racer who occupied aIMG_2207 spot on the USA U23 National cycling team as well as Team Leader on VMG Pro Racing Team) was in town all the way from Boulder, Colorado.  Local 104.7 The Fish co-host Kevin Avery (Kevin & Taylor In The Morning— Atlanta’s #1 morning radio show) was also among celebrity status.  Ya just never know who is going to show up, huh?

There were also cyclists from several local cycling clubs, among them were Velo Atlanta Cycling Club, Metro Atlanta Cycling Club (MACC), Southern Crescent Cycling Club (SCC), Covington-Conyers Cycling Club (C4), L5 Flyers.  I even saw a Georgia Tech Cycling Team jersey, but not sure if he was actually one of the team or a cycling fan/supporter.  

The crowd of almost 70 consisted of cyclists who were true beginners, all the way up to weekend hammerheads…and every level of cyclist in between.  And, that is a great thing because this Winter Bike League was specifically created for the 99 other percent of cyclists who aren’t pro racers….in other words….US!!!  The famous WBL in Athens is a Series for those local and pro racers but untiIMG_2201l our inaugural season last year, there really wasn’t any truly organized winter riding series of the rest of us or one that actually rode a true winter pace (for the general cycling public).  Never ridden in a group or especially in an organized double pace line?  Then this is the place to learn.  Ride Leaders for each of the three groups are there to actually teach as you ride; not just to make sure you are on the right route.  You also get unlimited access to ‘Coach’ Robert (Pres/CEO of, who created this Series as a way to give back to the cycling community.  You can learn invaluable tips from his 178,000+ miles of riding in 18 years.

After covering the Rules for the Series, each of the three groups huddled up together and then started on the 1 hour 40 minute journey.  As expected, all three groups just about merged all back together as they approached the final few miles of the ride.  There were a few punctures in the day but the Ride Leaders in the groups jumped in quickly to help get the cyclists back on the road and pedaling.

IMG_2197The route was a true out and back and literally the only turn was when each group did their u-turn to head back in the opposite direction to the parking lot.  This will also be the case for the Series, until we reach the 3+ hour ride time, where the routes will venture off the main drag to incorporate more mileage.  The terrain is almost pancake flat and almost as straight, which creates the best consistent environment to ride in a double pace line.  If you think of all the changing terrain in metro Atlanta, it is incredibly rare to find ANY area that gives you 20+ miles of this type of consistent terrain.

Because there are countless other weekend rides, including just about every cycling club and bike shop in town, the Series every-other-weekend schedule was designed so that a cyclist could participate in this unique Series and still be able to ride in their own club ride or favorite shop rides, too.  This way, you don’t have to choose just one ride over the winter…you can actually participate in several.

IMG_2192 IMG_2203IMG_2198

Help us spread the word to all your cycling friends by sharing this Blog site with them (  That way, all they have to do is “FOLLOW” our Blog to ensure they (and you) get all the updated information for all our rides.  You can also LIKE our Facebook page (Atlanta WBL).  If we continue to grow at this pace, then we will certainly need more Ride Leaders.  If you have interest, please send an email to, with RIDE LEADER in the subject line.  We’ll take it from there…

IMG_2190As a reminder, here is the remaining RIDE CALENDAR:
Dec 6th  (2hrs)
Dec 20th  (2hrs 20 min)
Jan 3rd (2015)  (2hrs 40min)
Jan 17th  (3 hrs)
Jan 31st  (3 hrs 20min)
Feb 14th  (3hrs 40min)
Feb 28th  (4hrs)
Mar 14th  (4 hrs 20min)
Mar 28th  (4hrs 40min)

THANK YOU for making our 1st ride this season a HUGE success!!!  Come back and bring a cycling friend with you to our next ride on December 6th.

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