FASTER/EASIER Communication: Atlanta WBL


I have realized that trying to update any last minute ride information (delays/reschedules, etc) is overwhelming, as this includes this Blog, our Atlanta WBL Facebook page, 30 other Facebook pages and countless cycling email groups.   Therefore, to make it much simpler, I have created a Yahoo email for the Atlanta WBL, that anyone can join.   Initial announcement for each ride will still come from this Blog and Facebook but for last minute updates, this new email will become the main outlet.

Here’s 2 ways you can join:

1.  Click here:
2.  If you don’t have a YAHOO email account, you’ll need to do that first.  Then, click on link above and sign in.
3.  search for AtlantaWBL yahoo group and then request to join.

1.  send an email to and type ‘JOIN’ in the subject line.
2.  type the YAHOO email address you would like to use
3.  click ‘SEND’

Thanks for sharing with all your cycling friends about joining the email group!!!  I hope you are like me; I’d rather work hard AND smart….

Coach Robert….


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