Ride Leaders Needed: NEW Wed Nite Ride (Sandy Springs)

IMG_3044             Which Night?  DONE…

Location?  DONE…

Routes?  DONE…

The 3 guys who joined me tonight to preview the route had nothing to say but good things and that 90% of the roads, they had never ridden on; and this is coming from guys who live/ride in the area.  Last thing I wanted was a route that was just like everyone else’s.  Thanks Meng, Bryan and Tony for all you feedback and for coming out last minute.

The only thing holding back from officially launching our new Wed night group ride is Ride Leaders.  Why do we need them?  To ensure that each group functions exactly the same and maintain a level of organization that will eliminate this ride from becoming just another hammerfest group ride, and we certainly don’t need another one of those…

That said, we are looking for 6 Ride Leaders, so no one person has to show up every sinIMG_1210gle Wednesday…unless they absolutely want to.  If interested, contact me at robert@mycyclecoach.com and type RIDE LEADER in subject line.  Include your cell #.  Next step would be a short ride session to make sure all Leaders are on the same page.  Once we have our 6 Ride Leaders, then we get to officially launch the ride.

Oh, there will be some nice perks for our Ride Leaders but we won’t divulge here. Don’t ya just hate teasers?????

Coach Robert…

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