–UPDATE– NEW Group Ride for Metro Atlanta

OK, your response has been OVERWHELMING to my post about creating a new Wednesday night groupIMG_3703 ride.  After a great meeting yesterday, I jumped into overdrive by creating a potential route(s).  Because there are NO flats around the sandy Springs area, I’m working on a shorter options for ‘B’ and ‘C’ groups.

The biggest news is I have already driven the routes so now it’s time to ride them.  Actually, part of the route is what I created back in 2008, when I was President of Southern Bicycle League, for the ‘then’ King/Queen Ride.  That ride was highly successful but after I resigned, that ride eventually morphed into just another hammerfest, leaving the other 90% of riders no chance at riding together.

Yep, me and a handful of cyclists are going to ride the route, to check the traffic patterns, and so experience the climbs first-hand; they are MUCH different than driving in a car.  That said, be on the outlook for the final evaluation of tonight’s ride.  Hopefully, there won’t be any route changes.  If that is the case, then the only thing left before making the official launch, is to find Ride Leaders to help.

The only way a ride like this can be successful…and more importantly, STAY successful, is with the help of real Ride Leaders.  We are looking to have approximately 6, so that no one person has to show up every single Wednesday…unless they absolutely want to.  Anyway, if you are interested in being a Ride Leader, please contact me via email at robert@mycyclecoach.com and type RIDE LEADER in the subject line.  Make sure you include your cell number.  The next step would be a ride session with me, because the goal is to make sure every group functions exactly the same.  Once we have identified our 6 Ride Leaders, then we get to officially launch the ride.  Oh, no promises but I believe there will be some nice perks for our Ride Leaders but I won’t divulge here.  Don’t ya just hate teasers?????

Thank you again for your response and I am super excited about making this a reality.  Your response andIMG_2366 participation of my Atlanta Winter Bike League series has been phenomenal…and I want to personally thank every single cyclist who has shown up to help us average almost 80 riders per ride since November.  My hope is that your response will rival that of the Atlanta WBL.

Along with my next post, I’ll include the guidelines that this group ride will function within.  As we all have experienced, any group ride that has no real structure, will eventually come unglued and become just another hammerfest.

Not THIS group ride…

Can’t wait to announce our first ride date!!!

Coach Robert….

4 responses to “–UPDATE– NEW Group Ride for Metro Atlanta

  1. Hello

    how are you?

    I am back in town, but it looks it will be raining tomorrow afternoon.

    Do you ride in the rain?


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