2nd annual “Take Back The Trail” Ride / Tina 120

Sunday, July 26th—-  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

Tina before the attack

Tina before the attack

Cyclists have a special connection to the Silver Comet Trail (SCT).  Hard to believe but it’s almost a year since Tina Waddell was brutally attacked on the SCT.  We pulled together a ride in her honor last year and we are going to do it again….on July 26th.

The logistics of the ride will be the same as the original; we will have one group that will ride to the AL state line (123.5 miles), while other groups will ride several other distances.  I do expect to have at least one group join us somewhere along the Trail…(e.g. the red caboose, etc).

Roll Time:  9am
Location:  Trailhead, Mile “0”  Publix at Highlands Station 

Tina after the attack

Tina after the attack

A Facebook event has been set up called 2nd annual Tina Waddell “Take Back The Trail” Ride.  We hope you ‘SHARE’ the event with all your cycling friends.  The goal is to get as many cyclists out riding with us to send a very big public message that

the Trail is a great place to go and we won’t let those who have done terrible acts there, to keep cyclists, runners, etc. away because of fear.

If you plan to join the main group (that starts from Mile 0, please post on the FB event page with the location you want to start from.  This way, others can see it in hopes of you having others joining you.  Like last year, there were several groups who started from different points and rode different distances.  Because the Trail is an out-and-back, it’s pretty easy for anyone to ride however many miles you choose.

I hope you will join me (and countless other cyclists) to send the same message as we did last year; the Trail is STILL a great place to go and enjoy.

Coach Robert…




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