Not Registered for 6 GAP/3 GAP? You Should Read This…

If you’ve been riding in metro Atlanta for even a year, you probably know about the 6 GAP / 3 GAP ride coming up this Sunday.  Yes, it’s epic and offers unique riding challenges; the GAPS.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.28.38 PMThat said, if you have not registered for that ride, then I would ask you to consider a GREAT alternative.  It’s called the Rescue 1 Century Ride on this Saturday, September 26th in Social Circle, GA.  They offer 16, 32, 63 and 101 mile options with all the usual support that you would expect from an organized ride.  Velo Atlanta Cycling Club is the host for this new, inaugural event but the best part is where the money raised is to go to:  helping people who are caught in human trafficking, a way out.   It is good to note that I navigated through the 6 GAP century website and couldn’t find anything about any ’cause’ that any money would be donated to, so if you like part of your registration to count for something, then go support this new event.

Hey, I remember my first year of the Jackson County Brevet and what it was like to start and introduce a new event to metro Atlanta.  Velo’s cause and it being their first year is the reason why I decided to go show my support and volunteering to help.

You know where I’ll be and what color I’ll be wearing…..

Coach Robert…


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