3rd Annual Atlanta Winter Bike League Starts Nov 21st!!!


It’s that time of year again; time to start slowing down, giving your body a rest and then gradually building back up for the 2016 riding season.  Yep, I’m talking about the Atlanta WBL.  Hard to believe this is year 3.  We went from averaging 50 riders for every ride in year one (and that’s when there was a fee) to almost 80 riders per ride last year.  BTW, this is a FREE ride; we only charged our 1st year since we had a SAG vehicle for every ride.

If you are new to the Atlanta WBL, expect to ride in the most organized group ride ever.  Expect consistency from Ride #1 to Ride #10.  Even cyclists who have been riding for many years have learned new aspects of   group riding; it just requires you to be open to learning.

  1.  real Ride Leaders-  our Ride Leaders are very interactive and help to keep the organization consistent for every ride and every group.  They are there to also provide helpful riding tips to help you become a better cyclist
  2. learning how to properly ride in groups-  visualize any typical group ride you have done.  We are NOT that.  Our groups ride in a double pace line 100% of the time, while riding in a straight line.  The incredibly flat terrain is the perfect environment to practice this.
  3. we start on time.  Each ride starts at 9:30am from 300 Peters Street, Atlanta (next to U-Haul)     Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.52.46 PM
  4. we have access to bathrooms inside U-Haul.  PLEASE leave them cleaner that you started.  This is a courtesy they extend to us, so please be mindful of this.
  5. ride meetings-  each ride starts with a ride meeting at 9:20am sharp.  critical information is shared then.
  6. steady pace (effort)-  you won’t have to worry about someone blowing off the front, which usually breaks up a group almost immediately.  Surges, etc. are NOT allowed in our Series.  Repeat offenders will not be allowed to participate.
  7. rest stops-  we have strategic store stops along the way.  bring $$$

The format for each ride is based on ride time, NOT distance.  All groups leave at the same time and return the same time.  This Series is based on winter pace, which means if you want to join our rides and decide not to ride in your group, then there are plenty of other group rides for you.  For example, our ‘A’ Group will average approx. 16mph for the first few rides but for the final ride, that average is 20mph; this happens gradually over 10 rides.  The ‘B’ Group will start out averaging approx. 14mph and end up closer to 17mph+.  The ‘C’ Group will start out approx. 11mph and end up closer to 14mph.

The rides are every other Saturday, so this way you don’t have to choose between your club or favorite group rides and ours; just alternate and ride both.  Win-Win.

Ride #1    Sat, Nov 21st                      Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.49.13 PM
Ride #2    Sat, Dec 5th
Ride #3-   Sat, Dec 19th
Ride #4-    Sat, Jan 2nd
Ride #5-    Sat, Jan 16th
Ride #6-   Sat, Jan 30th
Ride #7-   Sat, Feb 13th
Ride #8-   Sat, Feb 27th
Ride #9-   Sat, Mar 12th
Ride #10- Sat, Mar 26th

Depending upon weather, we have moved the start time back an hour and have re-scheduled ride dates.  Hey, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.57.45 PMSHARE WITH YOUR CYCLING FRIENDS—
Those who have experienced a Series have been our biggest fans.  They share with their friends and this organic growth continues.  We hope you help us continue to spread the word that there IS an environment over the winter time to ride your bike, not get dropped like a bad habit, even learn a little about riding double pace lines and rotating.  Cyclists keep coming back.  We hope you join us this year so you can experience why.

Coach Robert….

10 responses to “3rd Annual Atlanta Winter Bike League Starts Nov 21st!!!

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  2. Hi. I’m very new to cycling and excited to increase distance and pace. My current rides have been about 20 miles on the Silver Comet. I’d love to join, yet, want to learn more as I have not been in a group before on the road. Thanks!

    • ride times start w/ 1hr and 40min. every ride after that, we add 20min per ride. roll time is 9:30 for all rides, so just at ride time to that. Excited to have you join our Series and looking forward to meeting/riding with you.

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