RECAP: Atlanta WBL Ride #1 (Riders/Prizes, etc)



OK, when I saw the amount of ‘views’ this Blog was getting this week, I expected a big crowd today.  But, over a 100 riders???  Wasn’t expecting that!!!  Wish you could have stood on the step ladder like I did and looked around at all the riders; it was super cool view and gets me so excited that no man-made drug could replicate.  Hey, that’s my disclaimer, btw.  LOL!!!

Because of the huge growth this year, I am already searching for MORE Ride Leaders to help us.  This Series would not function or have grown without them, so needless to say, I am trusting more of you will step up to the plate and take this opportunity to give back to a sport that we all love.  Next Ride Leader Clinic is Friday, December 4th, 12:30pm (Lawrenceville).  Email me at with your questions, interest, attendance, etc.  Get trained on Friday.  Lead on Saturday….as Dec 5th is our next ride.

It looks like we will need to split (at a minimum) the B and C groups; they are just TOO large (great problem to have).  It also looks like we may need to start a D group, also.  If the A group grows like the other 2, then we will need to split it, also.  Again, great problem to have and the goal is to plan ahead and be prepared.  Thank you in advance for joining our team and making a difference.

I got feedback from the other two groups, that the avg. speed was a bit more than what it was suppose to be; I had the same problem in the A group.  There certainly was a buzz in the air, especially when you get this many riders together at one time and when it’s the start of a big series.  That buzz (or excitement) definitely affected the avg’s today.  When groups get TOO large with only 1 Ride Leader, it becomes a bit much for them to keep full control of the pace.  As a reminder, if the avg. speed goal is, let’s say 16.5, then just know that there will be times when the moving speed will be higher…especially on those spots where it’s downhill gradient.  Remember, it’s an overall average of the entire ride…not a moving speed that you don’t exceed.  Don’t worry, the avg’s will be right where they are suppose to be next ride!!!

The only group I didn’t get to see riding on the road together was the C group.  I was very bummed, as my goal was to start with the A’s for a bit, fall back with the B’s for a stint and then finish off the ride w/the C’s.  Had to shuffle my A Ride Leader to the C group today, so I was the only one left.  For the first ride of the Series and probably the first time many have ridden in a controlled double pace line, what I saw today from the A and B groups was really great.  I even heard many talking about them focusing on the Braking Straight tip I shared in the Ride Mtg and how it really helped them. Amazing how a little tip like that can dramatically change the function of a group ride.

With the ride time of 1hr 40min today, the A group kept it straight pretty much the whole time.  Only towards the end, did it look like a snake for a short bit.  When we came up on the B group, I could see them about a 1/2 mile ahead and I saw 2 straight lines.  It stayed that way the whole time we were gaining on them so I know that had to have been the case for the entire ride; they had no idea we were behind them.  I heard the C group was split into 3 separate groups, which was a big help, not only to the riders themselves but also the Ride Leaders.

NOTE:  FREE C group Clinic-  anyone planning on riding in the C group, who has any hesitation on riding in groups or on the road, I will be at the next 2 rides early, so I can help you overcome this challenge.  Of course, you need to come earlier, as I will do a mini-clinic just for you from 8:45am – 9:10am.  It would be helpful if you let me know you are coming for this.  Again, just shoot me an email the week of the ride to  

Date:  Sat, Dec 5th
Time:  9:20am Ride Mtg and 9:30am roll time.
Ride time:  2 hours.

I figured I would get great response on announcing all the give-a-ways, and you didn’t disappoint.  Here’s the recap on all your chances.

  1. Bring a Friend:  for every cycling friend you bring to the ride, your name goes into a drawing.  If that friend comes back again, you only get credit for their 1st time.  At the end of the Series, the winner of the drawing will get $250 FREE private one-on-one coaching from (me).  To get your name entered, you need to bring them with you and find me before the Ride Mtg starts.
  2. Ride The Series:  for this option, you need to ‘Check-In’ before the Ride Mtg for each ride you attend.  Participate in a minimum of 8 rides, and your name gets in the drawing.  At the end of the Series, the winner gets $200 FREE private one-on-one coaching from (me).  If I didn’t get your info today at the ride, you need to email me ( your participation today so I can log that.
  3. Ride Trivia:  each ride, I’ll be asking questions from past Blog posts I’ve done on cycling topics.  1.  you will learn some great insights you probably won’t get anywhere else, and 2. you’ll get a chance to win.  I’ll even give a hint to which post I’ll be using for each ride.  How about that???

Don’t hesitate to post on Atlanta WBL Facebook page any pictures or video you get from any ride you do.  We all would love to see and enjoy again…after the ride.

See ya Saturday, December 5th!!!

Coach Robert…



2 responses to “RECAP: Atlanta WBL Ride #1 (Riders/Prizes, etc)

  1. Awesome time riding with a truly organized group. I ride this route solo regularly cause its close and relativly flat but its entirely different in the peloton. I was unsure what group I belonged in so chose B. Got a good feel for the dynamics, some valuable coaching and a chance to pull at the front! The only issue was the B pace was not for me, so when the A group overtook, several of us jumped out and ran with the big dogs. Even in the A group working into the wind I realized how much easier it is to ride in a group when the group is disciplined.
    I hope that poor guy on the Blue tri that went down in the B group is OK.
    Thanks Coach! Looking forward to Dec 5! -Jim C

    • Hey Jim,
      we are so excited that you joined our Series. Great to hear you had a great time and experienced how a group ride should function. It only gets better from here. Yep, guy on the tri bike is ok; his frame is cracked, though. Nothing that a new bike purchase can’t fix.

      Thanks for helping spread the word….

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