Atlanta WBL Ride #5: Jan 16th

RIDE #5…


DATE:  Saturday, Jan 16th, 2016
START TIME:  9:30AM   (Ride Mtg 9:20am)
PLACE:  300 Peters St, Atlanta, GA 30317 (U-Haul location)  (Map Link)
RIDE TIME:  3 hrs

INDOOR BATHROOMS:  U-Haul graciously allows us access to their bathrooms, so please leave cleaner than you found them; we don’t want to wear out our welcome.  Indoor (warm) bathrooms are a huge plus!!!


LAST MINUTE RIDE INFO:  ALL updated ride info (e.g. weather delays/date change, etc) will be posted in 2 ways:
‘FOLLOW’ this Blog siteand/or

2.  ‘LIKE’ Atlanta WBL’s Facebook page.


IMPORTANT:  Which group do you ride in?  All Groups are based on what your typical overall average speed is on any given ride in Atlanta:

~  Group A:  19 mph avg and higher
~  Group B:  15-18 mph avg
~  Group C:  12-14 mph avg 
~  Group D:  12 mph avg and lower (we will start this group as soon as we get more Ride Leaders)

<<<NOTE:>>>  These are “NOT” the average speeds we will be riding.  These are to determine which group you need to ride in

Here’s the recap on all your chances.

  1. Bring a Friend:  for every cycling friend you bring to the ride, your name goes into a drawing.  If that friend comes back again, you only get credit for their 1st time.  At the end of the Series, the winner of the drawing will get $250 FREE private one-on-one coaching from (me).  To get your name entered, you need to ‘check-in’ before the Ride Mtg starts.
  2. Ride The Series:  ‘Check-In’ before the Ride Mtg for each ride you attend.  Participate in a minimum of 8 rides, and your name gets in the drawing.  At the end of the Series, the winner gets $200 FREE private one-on-one coaching from (me).  If I didn’t get your info today at the ride, you need to email me ( your participation today so I can log that.
  3. Ride Trivia:  each ride, I’ll be asking questions from past Blog posts I’ve done on cycling topics.  1.  you will learn some great insights you probably won’t get anywhere else, and 2. you’ll get a chance to win.

Please read the following guidelines very carefully.  This Winter Series is a very structured, organized ride and is specifically designed to ride as a group.  Habitual offenders and those unwilling to accept respectful correction are welcome to participate in other group rides.  All cyclists (even you faster guys/gals) are welcome; you just need to adhere to the following Rules:

1.  NO Sprinting:  If you feel the need to sprint, please find another ride.  We all know that it only takes one person to blow off the front, for the entire peloton to be split apart.
2.  Steady Pace:  Our Ride Leaders are responsible for setting the pace.  When Ride Leaders rotate off the front, the same pace (at which they were riding) is expected to be maintained with the ‘new’ leaders at the front.  Deliberate, sudden or abrupt jumps in speed will not be tolerated.
3.  Double Pace line:  The peloton is limited (at all times) to ride only 2-abreast, or more commonly called a double pace line.  GA law limits cyclists (without an event permit) to ride 2-abreast.  Only during rotations, will this be an exception.
4.  Traffic Lights:  Running traffic lights will not be tolerated.  If part of your group is caught with the light turning red as you are approaching, you need to stop.  You will have a chance to re-join your group.
5.  Stop Signs:  Running stops signs will not be tolerated.  We will stop as a group and roll through as a group.
6.  Rotating:  No one is allowed to pull longer than 10 minutes at a time.  This allows for everyone the opportunity to learn to pull at the front, rotate positions and gain confidence.
7.  Mechanical Needs:  If you have any type of mechanical, first signal that you are slowing down and make your way out of the road.  All cyclists are responsible for any repairs (e.g. punctures, etc.) needed, however, other cyclists may offer their help.  The peloton WILL stop and wait.  Once the mechanical has been resolved, the entire group will start together.
8.  Lack of Skill or Comfort:  Professional coaching will be provided as a courtesy by ‘Coach Robert’ to anyone who may have a low confidence or skill level of riding in an organized, double pace line and/or being able to ride in a consistent, straight line, drafting, etc.  Unlimited professional coaching tips!!!
9.  Tri Bikes:  ALL cyclists are welcome, including those with tri bikes.  Riding in the aero bars is only permitted when you are pulling at the front; all other times you must ride with your hands on the brakes.
10.  Ear Phones:  No earbuds, ear phones, etc. are allowed during our rides.  If you can’t ride without them, you are most welcome to visit other group rides. 

The rides are every other Saturday, so this way you don’t have to choose between your club or favorite group rides and ours; just alternate and ride both.  Win-Win.                   Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.49.13 PM

Ride #6-   Sat, Jan 30th      3hrs 20min
Ride #7-   Sat, Feb 13th       3hrs 40min
Ride #8-   Sat, Feb 27th      4hrs
Ride #9-   Sat, Mar 12th      4hrs 20min
Ride #10- Sat, Mar 26th     4hrs 40min

Depending upon weather, we have moved the start time back an hour and have re-scheduled ride dates.  Hey, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

See you on January 16th….

Coach Robert….

2 responses to “Atlanta WBL Ride #5: Jan 16th

  1. Just wanted to post a thank you to Trish riding with group B yesterday who assisted me when I flatted in those canyons on the way out about mile 13. I had a spare tube and what I thought was a good CO2 but was wrong on both counts. I bought new and fresh of both after the ride yesterday and extras to replace those that she graciously provided for me. Sorry to have held the group up and deciding to turn back for Atl afterward may have irritated a few in the group as well.
    So next ride I’ll have a good tube and inflater and encourage everyone to check theirs too.
    Not blaming anyone for my riding thru the holes but I didn’t have enough time to react when I was following the wheel in front too closely. For me that’s the advantage of group riding. The draft. If I can’t trust the riders in front to foresee and warn those behind and then smoothly lead us around obstacles then I tend to stay far enough back to fend for myself.
    What a great route this is with mostly silky smooth tarmac, I frankly can’t believe I hit both of those craters.
    See you next time with better equipment and a healthy dose of paranoia.
    Thanks again to Trish and I’ll have a quality tube & CO cartridge for you!
    -Jim C

    • Thx Jim for coming out and joining our Series. On those 2 bad spots, we want folks to slow down and allow more room in front of them so that they can see better. Wish I had a paver and go out and pave over that baby-butt smooth!!!

      Thx for supporting our series and see ya in 2 weeks!!!!!!

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