RECAP: Atlanta WBL Ride #5

After all the 30’s we had lately, it was like a warm front for our 47 degree ride start and 54 degree ride ending.  Even when we had 30 degree start a month ago, we still had 80 riders, so we anticipated over a 100 for yesterday’s ride.  You didn’t disappoint!!!  screen-shot-2013-11-21-at-6-04-10-pm





By count, we had 105 riders with the B group being the largest, by far.  That group morphed into 3 separate groups and that wasn’t a problem, since we had fantastic coverage from Jim, Brian and Angela as  Ride Leaders.  Going forward, we will probably will split up the B groups into a B1 and B2 groups; this should also help address the wider speed average range versus the others.

The C group was…again…very organized w/Becky and Amy leading the charge.  Seeing them ride over a small ridge, heading right towards me, it was super cool to see them riding like the Blue Angles fly; shoulder-to-shoulder formation.  I call that poetry in motion.

I started off with the A group and stayed till their turn-around time.  We had 30 riders which is about the largest that one Ride Leader could really handle but Carlton AND Scott were very present.  Needless to say, we got the farthest so far and will probably get all the way into Palmetto on Ride #6.


A group just ahead of B group on the inbound. Hey do I see ‘yellow’ in there???

Not to assume that everyone knows, I am going to do a quick flat tire change clinic before our ride meeting at Ride #6.  Yes, there are countless ways to change a flat tire, but I’ve never seen anyone change it the way   that I do…and I bet you haven’t either.  It will only take about 10 minutes to talk you thru what I do and the ‘why’ behind it.  Even if you know how to change a flat, I would encourage you to come learn something you may not have seen before.  Hey, yo know what they say about mouse traps!!!  It starts at 9am SHARP!!!

The Series is half over, so that means only 5 rides left.  All the work you’ve put in so far will really begin to pay off on these last rides.  See ya at Ride #6 on Jan 30th!!!

Coach Robert…


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