RECAP: Atlanta WBL Ride #1 = 120 riders!!!





Ride #1.  DONE!!!

Huge thanks to the 120 riders…yep, you read that correct…120 riders on our 1st ride.  That’s incredible.  About 60% of that were first-time participants, which is even more impressive.  No ONE person can pull this off, which is why I want to give a BIG shout-out to my Ride Leaders Jim, Scott, Brian, Cricket, Becky and Amy.

Speaking of which, with this amount of growth and participation, we are in DIRE need for more Ride Leaders.  We need more Ride Leaders for our A, B1, B2, C1, C2 and D groups.  Please consider joining the WBL team to continue to pull off a very successful Series.  It’s short notice, but tomorrow, Sunday, 20th, at 10am in Lawrenceville, I am conducting a Ride Leader training session; allow 2 hrs for this.  If you want to participate, please let me know you are coming so I can text you the address.

With over 100 riders converging on Peters St, parking is an issue.  Going forward, PLEASE don’t park in front of the businesses that are just south of the U-Haul.  There is plenty of parking the farther south you go towards the bridge on both sides.  Please be especially sensitive to the barber shop and restaurant across the street from U-Haul and about 100 yards south.  They need those parking spots for their customers.

When everyone is gathered for the ride meeting (and after the ride), please make sure we don’t block traffic flow into/out of the U-Haul parking lot.  They are VERY gracious allowing us use of their bathrooms, and we don’t want to do anything to negatively impact our 4-yr ‘good’ relationship.

If you haven’t signed up for our Email List, then send me an email to requesting to be added.  It’s that simple and fast.

We are very excited about today’s participation but we also want to continue to help spread the word about our Ride Series.  You can forward our WBL email with your cycling friends, have them ‘FOLLOW’ my Blog and/or ‘LIKE’ our Atlanta WBL Facebook page.

We hope you take lots of pictures and videos during the Series.  After the ride, please make sure you post those on our Atlanta WBL Facebook page for everyone to enjoy.

Mark your calendars for Dec 3rd for Ride #2.  Ride time is 1 hour, 40 minutes, with 15.5 avg for A group, 13.5avg for B group, 11avg for C group and 9avg for D group.

See ya December 3rd for our next ride.
‘Coach’ Robert…

4 responses to “RECAP: Atlanta WBL Ride #1 = 120 riders!!!

  1. Fantastic on the this 1st WBL ride. Congrads on this huge turn out. I have not been around because of working. I don’t think I have done one of your rides since last year when I was participated in the 120 mile loop to Alabama. Working most weekends and when not, time with family. I hope to do a ride while my commercial truck is in the shop.  Anyway, your idea is really growing. Sincerely,Jonathan GoodC: 925-852-4247

    • THANKS Jonathan for coming out…as much as you are able. Very humbling how this Series has grown over 3 yrs and we are super excited to how it will continue to grow.

      Safe driving out there and have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

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