HIGHLY Requested Climb Clinic: It’s Here!!!


For all those who have asked about my next Climb Clinic, whether you rode in the Atlanta WBL Series, a local group ride or recently in the GAPS, it’s now time to nail down a date/time.

DATE: set after Poll is taken
LOCATION:  Atlanta Evergreen Hotel Parking Lot (inside St. Mtn Park)
COST:  $45  (Limited to 12 spots)

Helmets and a bicycle in good working condition required.

PLEASE take the poll below, so we can maximize the best date for everyone.

Once we have the date set, a sign up link will be shared.  Stay tuned..


Multiple climbing techniques will be discussed and demonstrated by Coach Robert.  Then, after each technique discussion, you will go out on a climb and put in place.  The approximate riding distance is 300 yards for each topic; in other words, you can do a local  group ride and still easily participate.

The following day, each participant will receive a detailed RECAP of the Clinic, capturing all the details covered in the Clinic.  This way, you always have this information at your fingertips.  Without this RECAP, there’s no way you could remember everything discussed.

Once these new techniques become more of 2nd nature, you should expect to see a climbing speed increase from 0.5 – 3.0 mph.  The average for clients over the last 15 years is 2.0 mph faster!!!



Coach Robert

2 responses to “HIGHLY Requested Climb Clinic: It’s Here!!!

  1. Oh, goodness. I am HIGHLY interested, but neither of those dates works for me. Is it possible to listen in on the recap, or will you be doing any more of these this season? (I really, really need this.)

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