Metro Atlanta Cycling Community: One of Our Own NEEDS Our HELP!!!




If you have cycled in metro Atlanta for any amount of time, then Outback Bikes (Little 5 Points) and Pete Wicker (Owner) has more than likely crossed your ears in conversation.  Pete is SO integrated into our cycling community, it’s about impossible to list all the ways he’s been SO generous.

Personally, for my annual Jackson County Brevet, my annual Atlanta Winter Bike League, countless advocacy opportunities, and many many more, Pete has, without hesitation, offered to help and get involved to with all my cycling activities in the community.  This man has such a giving heart and for those who personally know him, you can attest to that.  In my hospital visit yesterday, Pete teared up as he told me he couldn’t come help the Brevet this Saturday.  Here’s a guy laid up in the hospital, just having open heart surgery, a severe stroke, and he’s upset he can’t come help a cycling event.  I’m telling you, this is a perfect insight of who Pete is and what kind of heart he has!!!

On June 1st, Pete was rushed to the hospital, where they found 5 major blockages to his heart.  His heart surgery was successful and he returned home several days later.  However, on June 10th, Pete suffered a severe Temporal Lobe stroke and is still in ICU at Gwinnett Medical-Lawrenceville.

Here’s where WE come in.  A GoFundMe page has been created so we all can pool our resourcestogether to help Pete and Kate with medical bills that are estimated to hit or exceed $50,000.  If you can give $1, then give $1.  If you can give $1000, then give $1000.  It doesn’t matter how much; if you can give, then give.

We also hope that if you need ANYTHING cycling, that you consider shopping at Outback Bikes.  This will also directly help the Wickers.  He has overwhelmingly supported us and the sport we all love; now it’s our turn to return the same.


Having Pete see familiar faces on a regular basis, is GOOD THERAPY.  That means if you can carve out time from your calendars, please plan on doing so.  We are working on an organized process for this, so that we don’t have a bunch of visitors all at the same time.  I’ll be posting shortly how/what that process will look like.

Once he gets home, you can imagine the leader of the household not being able to do anything around the house for quite a while.  We need to show up in FORCE to let Pete and his family know they are part of our ‘Cycling Family’.

Yes, we want to converge on the Wicker household to help out as much as possible, but we need to respect the family to ensure Pete gets the rest he needs to recover and keep a calm atmosphere at home.  That said, please stay tuned for an online process that will manage the visitation process and you signing up to visit/help.


Coach Robert…


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