RECAP: Atlanta WBL Ride #2




Are you kidding me?  Another ride start with temps again in the mid 50’s! I’m just gonna say we will take these ANY time we can get them. As you would imagine, the turn out was again just as high.  On Ride #1 two weeks ago, we had 130 riders. Today it was 125 riders.

With this high head count, the C group had to split into 2 even before they got started; good problem to have and says they want to ride. We all started out slow so its great to be able to influence riders in the best way possible. Once the B’s rolled out in two groups, it didn’t take long to realize another B group was necessary. My goal was to ride with each group today but creating another B group on the fly, kept me as the lone Ride Leader for the day.

Seeing a few riders in my group struggle a bit during rotating off the front, I took the opportunity to bring them to the back of the group and practice it with them. It only took about 4-5 rotations for them to nail it. Their comment was before they just didn’t have confidence in the rotation process but being able to practice like that, it was obvious their confidence dramatically shot up. Hey, it’s scenarios like this that is one of the main drivers behind creating this series.

On that note, I heard several folks, not just in my group, but others after the ride, saying when you show up for group rides, the ability to focus on rock solid group riding techniques has just been lost; there’s no real emphasis anymore. That has been replaced with ‘it’s all about speed’ attitudes. Because of the terrain and super long stretches, it really does make for a great learning ground to ride in a consistent, double pace line, riding shoulder-to-shoulder in a straight line 100% of the time.

No, it’s not just slower and/or beginners who need to smooth out their group riding skills. Same was said for all the other groups. As my most famous ‘Robert’ism: “just because you can ride fast, doesn’t make you a great rider…it just makes you fast”. Don’t assume that because someone is faster than you, that they know more or can ride better; that can be a huge mistake.

Velofix was again onsite working on bikes prior to the ride start. If you are not aware of them, this is literally a mobile bike shop. Brian has just about all the basic bike parts and accessories you would need, along with any maintenance repairs right on the spot. Tight on time? No problem, just call Brian Williams at Velofix.

Let me close out this recap on a specific topic that has already exposed itself on both rides…not a surprise, unfortunately. That is riding in the appropriate group. As one lady who was talking after the ride, she was worn out b/c she basically had done this ride at the top of her performance ability. I told her that was not the goal for this series; you need to build up over time. In essence, if you don’t slow down, you will never get past where you are now. If more riders really understood the thought process behind the riding structure of this series, then they WOULD absolutely slow down and then build back up over time. The majority of riders just don’t do this and don’t understand the benefit but those who have completed one of our previous series rides most certainly know the benefit. I’ve had countless riders come to me several months after the WBL is over and just couldn’t believe their riding performance. They took the time to properly build their cardio, power and endurance foundation via our series and are not the same anymore.

Mark your calendars for Ride #3 on December 16th.  Ride time will be 2 hrs and with what we’ve gotten so far, I fully expect temps to be mid 50’s, or heck, maybe even 60’s!!!

See ya on the road,

Coach Robert

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