Season 6 Starts SOON: Atlanta Winter Bike League





Season 6 of the Atlanta Winter Bike League (WBL) is almost here.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 17th for Ride #1.

That said, we need your help to make this season a success. How? Glad you asked. This 10-ride Series takes 7-10 volunteers for every single ride, by way of Ride Leaders. If you have ever ridden on one of our rides, then you know our Ride Leaders are the KEY to keeping every group and every ride absolutely consistent…every single time.  Without them, this will become just another group ride that becomes out-of-control and destroys the learning atmosphere we’ve worked so hard to create.

Since Day 1, we have received countless compliments from riders who said they learned so much and there was actually an environment to put things into practice. We have seen countless riders progress from the C group to the B group, from B1 to B2 and so on.  Not just in their ability to ride faster, but also their skillsets of riding in a controlled group ride grew by leaps and bounds. THIS is the exciting part of this entire Series!!! The majority of our Ride Leaders have been there from our very first season and we REALLY hope new folks (like you) consider stepping up to help.

If you are interested in learning more about Ride Leaders and/or you want to volunteer, please send an email to and put RIDE LEADER in the subject line. For anyone who has participated in our Series, we especially hope you consider this chance to give back.

See ya on the road…

Coach Robert

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