Atlanta WBL: Ride Leader Training Date Announced





Season 6 of the Atlanta Winter Bike League (WBL) is almost here.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 17th for Ride #1.

NEW RIDE LEADERS…there’s still time to sign up!!!
For those who have responded about becoming a Ride Leader for this year, we say THANK YOU.  For those who are still on the fence, we hope you consider the WBL as a way of giving back to the sport we all love so much.

Saturday, November 10th, 1:30pm is our next Ride Leader training session.  This lasts approximately 2-2 1/2 hours long and is NOT ride intensive at all.  The location is:

1280/1300 Lakes Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

The most common question about the training is, ‘How long of a ride will this be?”  NO worries, as it will entail a start/stop scenario where we talk about a topic, then we go back/forth on a mile stretch to practice that topic.  Then, we repeat that for every topic covered.  So, if you did a super hard ride the day before, no worries, as this is NOT about riding fast or long.  Literally anyone can complete this training.

We need new Ride Leaders who are able to ride at least a 19mph overall average (for a typical ride around Atlanta).  These Ride Leaders have the ability to ride in any of our groups, whereas a C rider who becomes a new Ride Leader would only be able to ride with the C group, and not be able to assist with a B or A group.  In other words, faster riders are more versatile and not limited (by speed ability) to any one group.

Some of our seasoned Ride Leaders will also attend to help facilitate this training.  Again, no one person can pull off the WBL; it’s truly a TEAM EFFORT.

If you know of a rider who would be considered an A rider and who might be willing to give back to our sport via the WBL, please have them send an email to, with NEW RIDE LEADER in the subject line.

See ya November 17th for Season 6…

Coach Robert…

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