RECAP: Atlanta WBL Ride #3





I have lost count how many times the forecast wasn’t perfect and outside looked like it would rain at any minute…and I chose not to ride…only to miss a good ride. Even though Saturday’s weather outside looked minuscule, it turned out to be a really great day to ride. It did feel a bit colder than what the forecast showed but after a few miles from the start, everyone warmed up nicely; few talking about shedding a layer if the sun continued to come out.

Zero drops of rain came down for our 2 hour 30 minute ride time. Even the sun peaked through the clouds quite often and later in the ride, we saw patches of blue sky in every direction. We figured the way it looked outside would keep many folks from showing up but we hope the next time it looks like Saturday, that you make the trip down and join the ride. Even the roads were dry and we diverted around just a couple of standing water spots over the entire ride.

Yes the head count was down (no surprise) but we still have a few short of 50 riders. We ended up with two main groups; one for the A’s and B’s and one for everyone else. The great news was the majority of our Ride Leaders were there so that made the overall ride organization load much easier.

I forgot to look at my computer so I have no idea how may miles we actually rode but my guess is mid to high 30’s. Both groups reached and rode past our popular ‘Red Roof’ Shell gas station (at mile 15). Right about the time the 1st group was ready to roll from that stop, the 2nd group rolled up, so we ALL were gathered once again away from the ride start. Pretty cool seeing that many in one spot.

Once we all were back at the U-Haul, folks were starting to leave when someone said “Have a great Christmas”. It hit us all that our next ride would be after Christmas, so well wished abounded till all the cars drove out of sight…just like Santa’s sleigh.

Moral of the story? You would be surprised of the days that may not look the greatest, turning out to be some of the best riding.

From all of us of the Atlanta WBL, we wish you the most wonderful Christmas Day, remembering the reason for the season, sharing/creating new memories with family and friends. We ALL are SO richly blessed…

See ya Dec 29th for Ride #4. Tell your cycling friends. Bring your cycling friends.

Coach Robert



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