7th Yr About To Begin: Atlanta WBL


Hard to believe this is year number 7; it goes by SO quickly. The past 6 seasons would have never happened without the incredible help of our Ride Leaders, most all of them have been Ride Leaders for all 6 years; that’s something to BRAG about!!!

Our passion is to continue to provide the best environment where you can, not only ride over the winter time without worrying you’ll get dropped like a bad habit, but you also experience how group rides should function. The Series also creates the correct way for you to build a rock solid foundation for endurance and aerobic baselines that will carry you far into the upcoming ride season. Every part of our Series is very intentional and serves our overall purpose; to further our sport of cycling and to help anyone along the way to advance in their confidence, riding skills and performance. Come see why an average of 100+ riders show up for every one of our 10-ride Series. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE OUT THERE LIKE THIS….

From day one as a cycling coach, I’ve always had the mentality of giving back. I’ll never forget how Clay, Bob and Ken poured into me after I bought my first bike, and how much of a difference that made. For our sport to be safe and enjoyed by those yet to follow in our pedal strokes, we have to give back. For our 2019/202 Series, there’s an opportunity for you to do just that; volunteer to become a Ride Leader. There’s a training session all Ride Leaders are required to attend; after that, you participate in at least four (4) rides as a Ride Leader. That’s it.

If you want to give back and help your fellow cyclists, send an email to robert@mycyclecoach.com and type NEW RIDE LEADER in the subject line. We’ll take it from there. Ride Leader training will be towards the end of October or first of November; based on schedules. All we need you to do is VOLUNTEER AND SIGN UP

This Series is designed to create a vehicle (pun intended) where cyclists can ride all winter in a very controlled environment.  NO surprises.  NO hammerhead surges, sprints, so there’s NO surprises.  If this will be your first time with us, please familiarize yourself with the Ride Rules, as these are what has made us incredibly successful AND cyclists know exactly what to expect…on every ride, in every group.

NOTE: f you are new to the Atlanta WBL, we encourage you to review the Series information found in every Atlanta WBL Ride post from previous Series.

DATE:  Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 (RIDE #1)
START TIME:  9:30AM   (Ride Mtg 9:15am)
PLACE:  300 Peters St, Atlanta, GA 30317 (U-Haul location)  (Map Link)
RIDE TIME:  1 hr 40min

See ya on the November 23rd as we start Season 7.

‘Coach’ Robert…

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