RIDE RECAP: Atlanta WBL, Dec 7th


Well, we finally got some favorable weather for Ride #2…and a bit warmer than usual, with starting temp of 52 degrees. We forgot about the SEC Championship game the same day, which kept us from our usual draw of close to 100 riders. Nevertheless, we still had 4 groups: an A group, B1 and B2 groups, and finally C1 and C2. We could have had a D group but just ran out of Ride Leaders (that’s a hint we could ALWAYS use more).  

LOTS of new riders to our series, which is always super cool to see. The word about our series keep spreading and we know you are helping us do that. Our passion is to create an environment for cyclists to experience what riding in a group SHOULD be like, while at the same time, creating an environment where cyclists can learn and/or enhance their riding skills in a group scenario. And, finally, if we can’t have FUN riding, then why in the world would we? Personally speaking, creating this series and all the cyclists who have participated over the last 6 years, has resulted in new found friends who I might not have ever met otherwise…and riding with friends is just hard to beat.

Our next ride is Ride #3 on Saturday, December 21, 2019. The ride time will be 2 hours. Same bat time, same bat station….

‘A’ Group:  In the past, the A group started out at 15avg for Ride #1 and then building up from there. NOW, the A group target is bumped up to 17-18avg. This should draw back more A riders like we use to have.

Parking:  No changes….yet, but rest assured we are “actively” looking at other viable start locations that would allow for a better parking scenario. The residential development hasn’t slowed down, making parking on the curb more challenging. One aspect we DON’T want to give          up, is having a bathroom at our start location. We all know how valuable a real bathroom is for a ride. We’ll provide updates as we find suitable locations for consideration.


After talking with some new and returning cyclists, the topic of being more comfortable on the bike, learning how to control the bike (as much as humanly possible), going faster downhill, starting/stopping using clipless pedals and several other topics, quickly dominated the conversation. After suggesting them consider taking my Riding Skills Clinic their immediate response made it clear I needed to put one together. This 3-hr “on-the-bike” clinic reaches a cyclist how the bike will respond in ANY given scenario…that we all will face, eventually. The typical cyclist, when I ask about stopping in an emergency scenario (e.g. car pulling out, squirt darting in front, diverting a hole as the literal last minute, etc.), responds by saying, and I’m paraphrasing here, something along the lines that they’ll grab the brakes and hope for the best. Not knowing exactly what to do and when to do it, will always leave a cyclist with that big question mark in their heads about those ‘what-if’ scenarios, which will never allow them to raise their comfort level on the bike.

The link above gives you all the details about the clinic. SIGN UP below by clicking on the date link. If you want more info, send an email to robert@mycyclecoach.com and type RIDING SKILLS in the subject line. Not sure if it’s worth your time or money? Just read some REAL Client Feedback.

Clinic Dates:
~  Saturday, Dec 28th  1:00p – 4:00p
~  Sunday, Dec 29th 1:00p – 4:00p

NOTE:  Registration opens Monday, Dec 16th, 9am. ONLY 10 spots per Clinic.  Use Coupon Code AtlantaWBL-2019 to SAVE $25

Peachtree Middle School, Dunwoody, GA

We stay inside a huge parking lot so NO road riding included. You can do a super hard ride the day before and be fine…


Thanks again for participating in our winter riding series. We hope you share this series with all your cycling friends!!!

‘Coach’ Robert…

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