How Good Are YOUR Riding Skills? SERIOUSLY…

Q:  Do you have the skill (and even more so, the confidence) to start and clip in on a steep incline? No, you can’t zigzag to get started, turn your bike and start off crossing the center line OR start off going downhill and once you’re clipped in, do a u-turn and head back up.

Q:  Do you know exactly what to do when you need to “emergency brake”, without losing control of the bike or fly over the handlebars like Superman? No, the typical response I get when asking riders of “just grab the brakes and hope for the rest” isn’t acceptable.

Q:  Do you know the safest way to turn your bike through a turn…and why? No, just leaning with the bike is nowhere close to being correct.  

Q:  Do you know how to ride in such a way that prolongs the lifespan of your drivetrain? No, coasting doesn’t count.

Q:  Do you ever hesitate taking a hand off the bar to grab your bottle, especially when riding in close proximity to others?

The ONLY WAY to remove any level of hesitation, anxiety, low confidence, apprehension, etc.. when riding a bike, is to learn exactly what the bike WILL DO in any given scenario…AND what you can do to stay in control of the bike, as much as humanly possible. JUST riding a bike and “figuring it out” will NEVER teach you the safest way to ride and will rob you of having as much FUN on the bike as you really want.

When it comes to cycling, the most attention we devote, tends to be towards the bike we’re going to buy, the riding apparel we like, the color scheme we want our bike and apparel to be; you get my point. For someone who takes color coordination to a whole nother level, trust me, I get all that. But, NONE of that will help you get back home to your loved ones in the same condition you left. You NEED to invest in yourself. Yes, riding along side other riders, allows you to “pick up” tips, etc. but how do you know what you are being told is truly accurate, and most importantly, the safest? You don’t!!! Human nature is to look up to those who do something better than us, and somehow take whatever is shared, is the best advice. Sorry folks, but that’s just not reality.

Just because someone can ride fast, DOES NOT make them a great rider; it just makes them fast.” Think about that statement…seriously.  This can’t be a more true and accurate statement, so don’t put your entire safety in the hands of a tip or suggestion by someone who can ride faster than you. I value my safety FAR MORE than that; I trust you do to.

Why would you consider learning from me? Hey, total valid question. Because I’m incredibly unique in my experience and hands-on knowledge. Let me explain.

  1.  I use to road race motorcycles at speeds in excess of 200 mph. You HAVE to have a complete understanding of balance and control skills, stay in control of not only the motorcycle, but you…especially when you’re (literally) shoving the motorcycle over from side to side, trying to get through high speed turns as fast as possible. Otherwise, you’re flying across the field like a rag doll.  
  2. I played professional golf, where I learned the whole dynamics of bio-mechanics and how the body’s natural alignment provides the most amount of performance, with the least amount of effort. Riding a bike without an understanding of how bio-mechanics directly affects how and what we on a bike, is about as smart as driving your vehicle with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.
  3. I helped create, manage and coach a professional cycling team, who set records that haven’t been broken for 13 years…and probably never will. I’ve also done a bit of bicycle racing, too.
  4. I’ve ridden 248,000 miles on a bicycle in 22 years. You do the match…
  5. I guarantee immediate results from EVERY coaching session. For 15 years, I’ve never been asked for a refund.

Please consider taking my RIDING SKILLS CLINIC. Click HERE for all the details about the Clinic. SIGN UP below by clicking on the date link. Not sure if it’s worth your time or money? Just read some REAL Client Feedback. We stay inside a huge parking lot so NO riding out on the r



Clinic Dates:
~  Saturday, Dec 28th  1:00p – 4:00p
~  Sunday, Dec 29th 1:00p – 4:00p

Use Coupon Code AtlantaWBL-2019 to SAVE $25

Peachtree Middle School, Dunwoody, GA

I genuinely hope to see you at one of these Clinics. I GUARANTEE you will learn things you’ve never heard or ever thought about. When your confidence grows, so does your fun factor!!!

‘Coach’ Robert…

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