About Coach Robert

cropped-0518_2013-mycyclecoach-3291.jpgLearn from ‘Coach’ Robert, who has logged 249,000 miles and counting.  His balance, handling and control skills road racing motorcycles, coupled with expert biomechanical experience from professional golf, make Coach Robert’s approach to cycling instruction unlike anything you will ever experience.

His Blog posts share valuable insights into road cycling, from being more efficient, safer, racing strategies, to overall cycling topics that every cyclist would want to know.

Got a topic you would like to have Coach Robert write about?  Send your suggested topic to robert@MyCycleCoach.com.

REAL Improvement.  ANY Cyclist.

5 responses to “About Coach Robert

    • thank you!! I actually am working on putting my last 8 yrs of coaching in a book. been on my mind for awhile.

      hope you continue to find the topics engaging and thought-proviking. always love feedback. Thanks!!!

    • I really appreciate you taking time to send feedback. My motivation is always to educate as many cyclists as I can on the best, safest way to ride. Thanks again for your comments!!

      Any topics you would like written about, just let me know…

  1. I am interested in joining the winter bike tours. How’s the gender mix on the rides? I guess with the speed groups it isn’t as important since my concern would be to be in sync. This is my first street ride and I was wondering how hilly is the route ? Will a novice fair well? Thanks Cindy

    • Hi Cindy,
      Thanks for your interest in the WBL. I would highly recommend you read my e-Book that I wrote, addressing all aspects of group riding. If you’ve never ridden on the road, then you will DEF need to be aware of the dynamics before you get out there. Showing up w/o any idea would only increase risk for you and anyone riding near you. Have to have an Apple device (ipad, etc) to download/read it. http://www.mycyclecoach.com/services. If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to email me at robert@mycyclecoach.com.

      route is predominately flat. Thanks, Coach Robert

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